Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Undercover Passion

Time for me to share something i love to do!!
i have an addiction of making things for my friends like T-shirts, Quilts, Posters, pretty much anything with pictures and stuff like that. I found that i really like to do this because it makes me feel happy to be able to give my friend something that i have made. :) and it makes me even more happy for me to see my friend wearing.. or using somthing that i made for them. Recently i made every player on our varsity football team t-shirts, with their name and number on them. They all loved them and i see them wearing them all the time. I happen to think i am good at it but its definatly only a hobby. This is a picture of me and my friend and the quilt that i made for her before she went off to college. It has all of our best pictures on it so that she can remember the friendship that we shared. :) she sent me a picture just last week of her bed and THIS QUILT WAS ON IT!! The picture to the right is a picture of me and two of the foreign exchange students that went to my highschool last year, we became very close and i think of them as sisters. We made these t-shirts before they went back home. I love this picture because we are all wearing them, [even though i dont look too happy] I miss them like crazy and this shirt helps me remember the great times we shared.


  1. That's the sweetest thing I ever heard! I'am also amazed that you made that quilt!! Quite nice Cassie. You have a good heart I can tell.

  2. thank you soooo much :)
    you're soo sweet

  3. Hi Cassandra:
    You remind me of my daughter, Grace. She loves making things for her friends too...especially cupcakes. I do too! Your quilt is awesome. I have been to Traci's blog, that is how I found you!

    Keep up the crafting...and keep us posted on "Charles". He's a cutie!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie