Monday, September 28, 2009

A Growing Relationship

I thought it would be appropriate to write my first blog about a great thing that has happened to me. I am very blessed to have met a person that is a sweet, charming, handsome young man. I know that alot of girls say that and they end up getting hurt, but i have a very good feeling about this. We both have great ambitions and dreams and in the end we just want to be together. I know i know you all are wondering where we met, how we met, and how i know that he is the one.. Well one night me and my best friend were on the computer and we were bored so we decided to go on a "Free Teen Chat" just for the hell of it. Well it just so Happened that Charles was on at the same time and his name caught my attention. His name was listed as L@DIES M@N. I thought this guy has to be a complete tool, so i messaged him thinking he is probably an old man and it would be funny to see what kind of nasty things he would say. I WAS WRONG. It happened to be a very sweet guy who was very modest in the things that he said. We started talking for about an hour or two and we decided to message eachother on MSN. After talking with him we showed eachother what we looked like. When he showed me his picture i knew that it was too good to be true because he was a total HOTTIE, but it was funny because he thought the same way. After futher talking to eachother we decided to talk on the phone for the first time.. [i know i probably sound like a naive stupid girl not thinking right but i had a good feeling] We really hit it off and have been talking for a Month. I have talked to his parents and we have talked every single day. The reason i think we like eachother so much is because we have gotten to know eachother for who we are, and not what we look like and not how we act. The most amazing part is that he lives 10 minuets away from my Aunt in Iowa and we are planning on meeting over Thanksgiving break. I cant wait for this moment becuase meeting him will let me know for sure that he is the one that i want in my life. I thank God everyday for having me sign into the Free Chat website, and i hope everthing works out great!

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